#6 - Mark & Nici Burns from Nibu Naturals

In this episode I interview Nici Burns, the founder and creator of one of the UK’s leading Natural skin and beauty ranges.

In this Episode we discuss:

  • How low self-esteem as a young child led to Nici to developing an eating disorder that lasted 15 years.
  • How social media is having a devastating impact on the younger generation
  • We discuss the lifelong subtle symptoms of a weakened immune system that later resulted in the diagnosis of lupus when she was 34.
  • Symptoms included bone pain, blistering skin particularly in the sun, chloasma and vitilago, swollen feet and hands.
  • How Nici felt the diagnosis was a death sentence having lost a dear friend to it which added to the stress.
  • How she become empowered with her own healing journey by discovering Paul McKenna, mindfulness, meditation and yoga which has lead her back to health.
  • And finally how her passion and love for natural beauty products lead her to launching Nibu Naturals which is one of the most decorated product ranges in the beauty space and used by supermodels and health optimisers around the world.

Please go check out her amazing products and give them a road test by using the discount code below.

Discount Code:           MARK15

Website:                      https://nibunaturals.com

Instagram:                   https://www.instagram.com/nibu_naturals

Facebook:                    https://www.facebook.com/NibuNaturals

Nici Burns:                   https://www.instagram.com/biohacker_nici_111_

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