#4 - Using Endurance Training for Healing and Personal Development

Mark Bryant has a conversation with Calum Stronach about how they are both using an endurance event they are both training for to aide their healing journey.

They are good friends and training buddies for The Roc Endurance event taking place on the 4th September 2021.

Calum  is a registered nutritionist specialising in elite sport nutrition and disordered eating.
He has worked with sporting national governing bodies including British Weightlifting, Welsh Weightlifting, Sport Wales and British Athletics whilst helping hundred’s of people turn their relationship with food around.

In this episode they they discuss:

  • When Calum discovered the Japanese practice of Misogy and how he incorporates that into his own lifestyle practices

Check out this  article that explains a little more about the practice.

  • The moment when Calum reached burnout in the lead up to his 2nd attempt at the 24 hour burpee challenge which triggered a need to focus on his own healing.
  •  Why being part of a community is so important when it comes to training and achieving goals
  • How spending time in nature can improve natural killer cell function and two use ful links are below. On to a study about the benefits of forest bathing and the second about how to incorporate it into your life.

Published Study:  https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/18394317/

Article:  https://time.com/5259602/japanese-forest-bathing/

  • What it has been like for Calum who has trained at a high level in cross fit and now moved onto an endurance based training programme.
  • And how they were both inspired to complete the event by their inner child.

To keep in touch with Calum, go check him out on Facebook and Instagram using the links below:

Website:      calumstronachcoaching.com
Instagram:  instagram.com/calumstronach


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