#3 - Peter Mcleave - Swab to Save a Live

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After a 3 months of searching for the cause of Pete's declining health the doctor gave him the devastating news that he was diagnosed with Myeloma. At first he didn't know what it was until part way through the conversation the big C word was used.


In this episode Mark & Pete explore:

  • How and why Pete launched 10,000donors.com
  • The urgency for the general public to get themselves on the stem cell donor list.
    • Only 2% of UK Population are registered
    • Only 0.4% of the Global Population are registered
    • Why Peter is looking towards West America to find his genetic match which includes  Chinese and Portuguese decent.
  • How Mark & Peter became connected through Triathlon (Particularly Iron Man)
  • How anyone can register between 17 and 55 and are considered in good health - so far Pete's campaign has found 16 matches.
  • What Peter has learned about resilience and how he builds these lessons into his talks, workshops and training sessions.

To keep up to date with Pete's Mission to find himself a match, stay in contact with him on his Instagram Channel, Blog and 10,000donors.com


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Support the show (https://www.patron.com/terminaltotriathlon)


Support the show (https://www.patron.com/terminaltotriathlon)

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