#1 - Mark & Jonathan Miles Talk About the Personal Encounters with Cancer

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Jonathan Miles has been a radio presenter for over 45 years and his shows are always engaging, funny and likes to push the boundaries when it comes to broadcasting. 

In this launch episode of the Podcast, Mark & Jonathan discuss their personal cancer journeys and bring humour to what can be a very challenging time:

  • How they met in 1999 at a dive center in Khor Fakkan and they spent six months partying in Dubai
  • Why self help may not be the secret and mindset is more important
  • How Mark's back pain turned into a leukaemia in June 2015 and how he navigated a full intensity stem cell transplant. 
  • 18 minutes:  The moment Mark became empowered with his own healing journey which was a defining moment on his healing journey.
  • How Louise Hay's book Heal Your Life played such an important role in Mark & Jonathan's journey.
  • Mark shares how he has developed his spiritual practice over the last 5 years and how these books have played an important role in his healing
  • An inside out approach to transformation and how psychedelics have helped Mark access new levels of awareness and consciousness to bring about his own healing.
  • Why vision and action are equally important in the creation of the life you desire.
  • How Aubrey Marcus is helping Mark develop his understanding about his own spiritual practice
  • The moment Jonathan found out he had prostate cancer and how he discovered a new pain threshold when taking a pee after his biopsy.
  • Jonathan shares humorously the life changing impact his treatment has had on his life and how it continues to cause frustrations including the breakdown he had the moment his grief finally caught up with him. 
  • The moment Mark learned he was confirmed infertile but still potent and how in this instance he didn't defy science. 
  • Why openness and vulnerability is important and what Mark & Jonathan will be covering in their next show together. 
  • For anyone that may need some guidance on click this link Prostate Cancer 


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