Mark's Mission

To educate and empower cancer patients.
To raise £500,000 to help him and Fellow Cancer Crusaders get access to complementary and alternative treatment.
To donate 60% of all money raised to support other cancer patients.
To use 40% of money raised to build the Terminal To Triathlon podcast and Mark’s continued healing journey.
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A Short Story

In June 2015 at age 36, I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.  

I underwent a full intensity alogenic stem cell transplant and six months later had a relapse.  I told the doctors to not tell me the revised prognosis and focused on getting well. 

I have since discovered my prognosis was considered terminal with just six months to live.  

Whilst having my stem cell transplant, I had a vision to complete an Ironman. 

Six years later, whilst still in the grapples of my healing journey I feel well enough that I am going to realise this dream in August 2022 by completing the Ireland Iron Man. 
Year Diagnosed
Months to Live
First Triathlon

The Problem

Fear alone is enough to paralyse a cancer patient to the mercy of their oncologist and the modern medical system.
It isn’t until there is nothing left for them that they either give up or find another way and sometimes this is too late.
The purpose of this project is to help reduce the time it takes for a cancer patient to become empowered in their healing journey.

I have launched The Terminal To Triathlon Podcast to inspire, educate and empower cancer patients. I have world class guests on the show specialising in cancer recovery and health optimisation.

The cost of cancer is also financial and getting access to alternative and complementary treatments is prohibitive.

Paving the way to completion Mark's Mission

Support Terminal to Triathlon and help cancer patients physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially.
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